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The New Basel II Capital Accord is being introduced in the EU Directive on Capital Requirements which will be transposed into regulations on January 1st 2008. Basel II gives the possibility of applying a lower risk weighting for loans secured by residential (from 50% to 35%) and commercial mortgages (from 100% to 50%) provided that the real estate market is "mature and well developed so as to ensure sufficiently low losses rates" from mortgage loans.

In order to be able to appreciate the compliance with these conditions, a set of banking system databases has to be set up (e.g., real estate prices, defaults and foreclosure recovery values).

Impact Drivers


  • Public: To lower capital requirements
  • Private: To improve customers’ accessibility to mortgage lending without impairing the soundness of banking industry; To offer better instruments to the authorities in the process of maintaining the financial stability.


As of June 30th, 2006 the total exposure from mortgage loans was of about EUR 3.2 billion (the exposures from the loans having as collateral a mortgage on residential or commercial buildings should also be taken into account).

SPI Committee Involvement

To facilitate the establishment of appropriate databases complying with NBR requirements in respect of a key feature of the new capital adequacy framework. Additional Information on SPI Committee.

Working Group

Mirela Bordea

Project Owner (PO)

Ovidiu Bordeut

Project Manager (PM)

Beatrice Popescu

Deputy Project Manager (DPM)

Mirela Palade

Deputy Technical Project Managere (DTPM)



Angela Margarit

Expert, National Bank of Romania

Tudor Boengiu

Inspector, National Bank of Romania

Daniel Sava

Risk Manager, Unicredit Tiriac Bank

Sorin Vlad

Senior Risk Manager, Unicredit Tiriac Bank

Andrei Burciu

Manager Raiffeisen Bank Romania

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